DIY Despicable Me Minion Goggles

DIY Despicable Me Minion Goggles

For Halloween this year my girlfriend and her friend decided to be Despicable Me minions.

The costume for the most part is relatively easy to piece together from thrift shops and what not, with the exception of the goggles. I’m sure you can buy some cheap plastic ones online somewhere, but that just takes all the fun out of it. So naturally, I wanted to help out and make them. After watching the videos online and seeing how people were going about creating theirs, I figured it would be pretty easy to make and would only  take about a day.

There are a good amount of people out there with DIY minion goggles of their own using all sorts of materials ending up with all sorts of solutions, such as this. Although, the majority of the video is of the girl bouncing around than actual instruction, you can still find good pointers for the costume. My suggestion would be to scour the interwebs for the version you are most comfortable with, or by what works best depending on your timeline. From there you can make a collection of pointers that make the best costume that fits you. Here are the materials I used and how I put it together.

2-inch PVC pipe segment – I used a precut section about 2 feet long
1 female to female joining piece of PVC – color doesn’t matter
1 packet of nuts – your choice on size
1 meter long section of elastic
Thread and needle – not necessary but very helpful
3 inches of generic jewerly metal – or twist tie, or any small wire should work too
1 rattle can of metallic spray paint.
Drill and hot glue gun
Hack saw
Utility knife
Sand paper and/or sander

The Build

The first thing I did was cut up sections of the 2 inch PVC pipe for the main section of the eye pieces using the hack saw. In one video I watched the girl had made hers out of the same material and had them cut at an angle to fit your face better.


I thought this was a good idea so I followed that model. I think the angle is up to you. I didn’t choose anything specific degree, but more so just made a choice willy nilly. In the end it was perfect, but again, up to you and the contour of your own face.

I chose the length of the goggles randomly as well. Since cut at an angle, on the longer side, I made one set close to 2 inches long and the shortest set about 1.5 inches. Again, personal preference.


From there, it’s basically just hack away at the pipe until all your parts are cut out, making the first cut at an angle and the second straight across. This way the angle for the second goggle matches the first cut. Repeat for any additional set you decide to make. I figured I was making a couple pairs and I had enough materials for more, so I made 4 in the end. I probably still have enough pipe for another 6 or so if I pushed it.

For the coupling, this is completely optional. In the original video link I posted. The girls goggles had a raised rim around the outside of the goggles. The problem I found was, as far as I am aware of, there are no pre-made pieces of PVC that look like the example she showed in her video. Neither from what I know, nor from what I could find. So I just made my own 🙂 I needed something that would fit snuggly to the outside of the pipe that I cut so I used a coupling, or a female to female joint. Since it is designed to fit snuggly, I sliced out pieces roughly the width of the nuts (or bolts on the sides of the real ones seen here).


This was the hard part; slicing cleanly and straight. My suggestion would be to clamp them down and/or use a miter guide like any of these. This would be helpful for the piping as well, not just the accents.


Once all the segments were cut, I cleaned up the edges with the belt sander to get rid of the random bits and to smooth the edges down.



What didn’t come off I used a utility knife to cut them out. From here I sprayed a primer to give a base coat, also completely optional. I had a little left over from the helmet and it needed to be used.

I sanded that down the small parts out of habit to see if I could smooth things out a little more, nothing too extensive. At this point, its ready for the final coat of paint.


a few coats of metallic spray paint, I hot glued the nuts on. The added rings really help add some dimension to the goggles, and the nuts are the icing on the cake.


From here, they are ready to be linked to each other. I drilled two holes using a very small drill bit on the inside, or the shortest side of the goggles. This allowed me to take the jewelry wire and run it through to link the two sides together, like this.


I like this instead of glueing them together. This allows a lot more flexibility in movement and comfort if that really matters 🙂

Now that they are linked together, each sets were ready for the elastic bands so we could wear them. Again, I drilled holes in the outsides of the goggles for them to be sewed on.



Im betting they would probably hold just fine with hot glue, but just in case I wanted them to hold a little better. After they were sewed, I hot glue any lose parts around the thread as well as the thread on all sides.


For each set of goggles we measured everyones heads to make sure they all fit fine. I have never measured something like this for individual people, so I don’t know if it would make a difference, but we did it anyways.

At this point the goggles are pretty much finished. But since there were holes drilled in the sides and black thread sewed through. I sprayed a bit of the metallic paint into a plastic cup and used a cue tip to paint them the same color. This works well when your finishing up with a product and need to touch up some finer points.

These last touches pretty much finish up the goggles. This is an easy build you can do over an afternoon. I hope this helps as an instructional. Enjoy being a minion for a bit. Here are some final shots after all is said and done. thanks for reading.

IMG_3717 IMG_3718 IMG_3721 IMG_3723

4 thoughts on “DIY Despicable Me Minion Goggles

    • Hi!! I do still have 1 pair I made for myself. The rest I made them for friends as we all dressed as a group. In sorry but im not willing to part with it. Their just too funny to have around all the time. But thank you!

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