Wine in Luxumbourg Gardens

The next day we got bikes again, but now we knew what to avoid  and how to get around better. We rode down to the Louvre to check out the line. It was pretty out of control so we rode over to Le Pompidou and walked around there for a bit. This is their museum of modern art and a unqiue building in itself. Our next stop was Notre Dame again the lines were retarded so we rode around outside  considering standing in line to go to the roof and decided to check out another church a block away called, Saint Severin. This is one of oldest churches in the area still standing. Built in the 11th century, now in the shadow of the Cathedral, it probably gets neglected like the red headed step child of the catholic church. Poor little thing.
We left there and rode just further south to take a break and relax in the Luxembourg gardens with a bottle of wine. Riding bikes is forbidden in the gardens so don’t try it. we walked to the center and found comfortable lounge chairs next to a large fountain, drank our wine, ate pastries (again) and watches kids sail little wooden boats across the water with long sticks. It was very relaxing.
We didn’t plan on meeting up with Jonny and Erika until after 8 and we still had a few hours left so we decided to try the Louvre again. It was now about 530pm and the line outside was basically gone. We went inside and had a espresso and a croissant relaxing again and deciding whether it we should still go in given our time limitations.
Tickets are very reasonable considering the reputation. Only 11 euro for all day entry and free for students! So don’t forget your student ID. Also I believe the normal hours they close around 6pm or something and being the first wednesday of the month they are open until 9pm. So you can spend more time there with less crowds. From what I can tell so far most every city I have been to has some form of either free entry or very reduced rate on a specific days of the month. So if your planning on visiting, look into what days are special. You may get lucky.
In the end we figure were basically on the front door, why wouldnt we go inside. That would just be stupid not to. We ended up walked through the entire place with little issues of crowds. And since we were on a time crunch we decided to only to really spend time at the pieces we really wanted to see cause you could spend a lifetime there. If I lived in paris, I would get an annual membership.
My shoes are really crappy and my feet have been hurting pretty much since I have arrived in europe. Stupid shoes. At this point they hurt so bad I ended up taking them off and walking around in my socks. I like to think that everyone was too busy looking at the art no one noticed my feet. 😉 No disrespect to the art, but I got to walk around the louvre basically barefoot and in comfort. Not a bucket list item, but unique and fun nonetheless.
A few hours later we were all arted out and heading back to Jonny’s for stir fry I made for everyone. We ended the day around 3am with more wine and a few episodes of one of my favorite classy and tasteful comedy TV shows, Archer.

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