Tapas and bravas

Kristin was pretty tired and it was great finally seeing her. I tell you this is a new weird thing for me. I have been traveling alone for so long that it is a strange thing to not only be doing it someone, but with my girlfriend. Either way I am happy she is here and it is great to be sharing all the cool things with someone so awesome.

The first thing we did was go on the walking tour, duh, right. Luckily the tour started at 3pm since we slept in until about 1 or so. I didn’t get in until about 630 or so and we talked and caught up until about 8pm. Kristin flight was delayed and she didn’t check in until about 430. So the both of us were pretty tired from hauling packs, planes, trains and navigating new streets. We met up with the tour guide at a bar in old town and walked around until about 530 or so. An observation about tours: they should never be any longer than 2 hours. This one ran almost 3 hours and around the 2 hour mark we just started straggling and lost interest. It was fine, and the information was good, it was just too long for me. Also my feet had been hurting and bruised from hiking in racing flats and they still had yet to get a break from all the walking.

Around that time, we got distracted by tapas and decided to ditch the tour and eat some delicious spanish food we kept hear about. Wine, Tapas and sangria for 15eu. It was delicious and a good deal, but not very filling. We decided to take the long way back to the hostel and walked through various parts of old town, along the water front and back up the main streets checking out the architecture and enjoying the bustle of people. There are so many small shops. Many of them nestled in the small back streets that would pass as alleys in the US. I have no idea how they survive as a business.

Also people are always out here. Bar crawls every night. people partying until sunrise on a monday. you wonder why this country is in such a recession. no one freaking works here and when they do, they close in the middle of the day for 3-5 hours at a time. On the bright side, booze is super cheap 🙂

We got back to the hostel and decided to do a bar crawl the next night so we grabbed some beers and sat on the balcony watching people and talking. Across the street from the hostel was a busy kebab shop and we started talking about food, so we decided to head down and get something to eat there. We had this plate called potatoes brava, which is basically fried potatoes with sauces. Why are potatoes such a great substrate for delivering so many delicious things. Needless to say it was delicious and I have been craving it since.


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