Sangria and a good hot meal

Wow I have been really bad about updating this. I have figured out my little problem with my SD card and after fighting with it for a day and running a stupid program for another day, I finally got all of my missing photos from the first part of spain. Once I get those figured out I will start pushing photos to the site. ok… I woke up around 8am, packed up camp, and walked down the front of the monastery/church thing. At the bottom of the hill I filled my platypus one more time at that sweet fountain, and walked down to the train station. I walked past the Paella place and they were’t open for another hour and half so that was out. Two more blocks the gelatin place was open, but I had ice-cream yesterday and the craving was gone, so at this point, I just got on the next train out. I got back into Valencia and went straight to the hostel, arriving around noon. I couldn’t check in until 2 so I stowed my pack, grabbed some necessities and set out for some foods. The front desk help said we had a good kitchen, the central market was just down the street and the best option for food was to make it yourself and that sounded perfect to me. So I went there. This market was amazing. An incredibly large old steal structure from what felt like 1909, but with brand new shiny stainless steal and glass stalls for all the vendors. I walked around for a bit gawking, taking pictures and got all the ingredients I wanted. I back to the hostel, cooked up about 3 days worth of food and chowed down. While I was cooking, I had all sorts of veggies and spices and yum yums, people kept asking me if I was a cook. I said no, I’m just ready for a hot meal after a week of baguettes and salami. 🙂 The hostel’s name is called Feet up Hostel, I think it was a part of a larger chain cause the advertised for other locations around the world that had the same type of branding. When you first walk up, it looks like they are crammed into the site of a church, but after you realized how large it is, it almost seems like it took it over. This was a great hostel for meeting people and interacting. I don’t know if they advertise it as a party hostel, but if you aren’t into that you can easily stay here and never be interrupted. I stayed in a larger 16 person room with a crazy cool vaulted ceiling. Even with all those people it was very quiet in the rooms. I met some great people from all over the world. After lunch I chatted with a guy named Brian from new zealand for a bit and we ended up venturing down to the beach for the rest of the day. After which, we were hoping for a good meal and drink set up by the hostel, but not enough people had signed up for it, so we grabbed our own sangria from the store and chowed down on leftovers from lunch. Good thing I made a whole bunch. We still had more left over after dinner 🙂 By this time our little group had grown to about 8 people and we moved to the roof top terrace. Not much of a view, but it had a great vibe and plenty of seating. There was another large group up there and we joined tables and had a large meet and greet of people from all over the world. This is exactly why I love traveling. Next thing you know, its 3, and we were finishing off the night with beers haggled from the pakistani guy on the street.


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