Fried rice and Agua de Valencia

The next morning I woke up and grabbed some fruit and eggs from the store next door and made breakfast. I met another guy from Arizona and ate with him. We walked around a bit down town and he gave me a abridged version of a walking tour he had taken earlier. There are some super cool sites here, old and new. Valencia is a cool little down. I would definitely come back here again. After walking I had planned to go to the City of Arts and Sciences With Brian, but we couldn’t find him so we went back out to the beach kicked ball around for a bit and even played a little bit of beach soccer. I love soccer but I hate it in the sand. 1 I’m way too out of shape for that, and 2 sand sucks cause you never know how far to pick your feet up, how hard to kick the ball, or even where the hell it is going to go. After about an hour of frustration, and too much sand in my mouth I went back the hostel.

We had planned to make dinner again and decided to make fried rice. Since I had veggies from before, I grabbed the last few ingredients and went to town. Holly crap was it delicious. Our little group gathered back together and grew a little bit from new people arriving. Again, back up on the terrace, lots of beer and some great conversation. Around midnight we decided to wonder around the streets for a drink when we ran out and walked down to a small cafe for some Agua de Valencia. We all heard about this special drink only from this region and wanted to try it. Since the major export for the region was citrus fruits, it consisted of mainly orange juice. After that we had no idea, we think port, champagne, and maybe vodka, but who knows. All we knew was it was delicious and we drank more. After that we called it a night an early night at 2am.


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