I woke up around 10 and hung out in the tent waiting for the rain to die down. When 1130 came and it still hadn’t let up I decided to just hoof it in the rain. I walked about a quarter-mile and someone pulled over! Can you believe that. Nothing yesterday and today not 5 minutes and a ride. Get this, he was a younger guy from a town just past Alicant and was in Xativa for work. To, bad he wasnt going the other direction. He actually worked for the department of tourism. He said he liked picking travelers up to see where they’ve been and where they’re going. Go figure. He gave me a lift to the station and I was ready to move on.

Since hitchhiking is seriously disregarded here I didn’t get any further than Cartegena during the two days I tried. When I got there at 10pm, I immediately went to the main bus station to get my ticket to go straight to Gibraltar. Turns out it’s a 15 hour drive, costs 70$US each way and they only leave during the mornings, so I would instantly lose 2 more days just bussing it there and back. Being friday evening, I would travel all day saturday spend sunday and monday in africa, then spend all of tuesday getting back up. I have to be back in Barcelona by wednesday, and I HAVE to spend some time in Valencia checking out the Calatrava architecture there. I made the decision to cut my losses, turn back and spend time in the places I knew I could. Besides I would much rather take the relaxi taxi than 2x 15 hour bus rides any day!

It’s now pushing 11pm and I find out there’s no hostel in the area, so I hike out into the tracks of the rail station and set my tent up in the thicket off to the side. It was perfect, quiet, dark, secluded; I need to remember this for in the future. I also made my pasta over an open fire 🙂 I totally felt like some dude from the wild west. Should have been beans. The only downside was mosquitos, but that is my fault for not patching the hole in the screen of my tent. Note, patch hole in tent.

Turns out, there isn’t really much to do in Cartagena either, so I grabbed a ticket back up to Xativa. The plan now is to spend the next two days there visiting and seeing the sites. After which, I will return to Valencia for 3 days then finally head back up to Barcelona on Wednesday to meet up with Kristin.


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