Paella pizza and gellato

I woke up and left the tent where it was with all my stuff in it. I figured it was well enough off the beaten path that no one would bother it. I walked back to the parking lot and up to the main gate of the castle to see the rest. You see, the towers, walls, ice caves, wells, cisterns, and monasteries are all outside of the main gains but apart of the ruins on the way to the top. I set up camp just before the main gate but hidden away from the normal paths. During regular hours the gates open and your free to walk the north and south castles. The duke had his own well in his room. You know how cool that is 6 hundred years ago! That is practically modern-day running water. Anyways, I spend the midday walking the castle grounds and went to pack up camp and make my way to check out Iglesias de San Fransisco. This is the 14th century church, wicked cool. I talked to some guy there and he brought me in back to check out their own museum. I felt special cause it was currently closed to the public. Afterwards, I made my way all the way down to the train station to charge my phone and determine where I want to eat. My map shows a pizza spot on the way to wear I want to camp, just before the cool fountain, or a block before it is a paella spot, or maybe just chill at a cafe and get gellato. Well, while the decision-making and phone charging, everywhere either closed, or was way out of my price range. So instead, I went to a gas station and grabbed an ice cream and hiked up the neighboring hill and cooked some more pasta. Tomorrow on the other hand is all holds barred. I’m am going to eat my way across this city on the way to the station. Then it’s back up to Valencia. Damn I really want some more ice cream šŸ™‚ oh, tomorrow couldn’t come sooner.


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