I just finished building a home!

Yup, exactly as it sounds. I had been renting at a room at a house and the person who owned the house decided they didn’t want to pay taxes anymore or something. Lets, just say my new years resolution was to find a home quick. I ended up moving into a new place that required a lot of work. And by that I mean, any and all of my free time went into framing, electrical, drywall, puddying, painting and carpet for 2/3rd’s of the new apartment. On top of this, I didn’t consider the house at which i moved into to be more like a fun house, which was lovingly named, Janky. Nothing was straight. On top of that, i wasn’t even able to take pictures of the job, so I can’t share everything I did; and that bums me out.

At the same time I started a new job, at Amazon as UX designer, and was accepted to a post graduate certificate program at the university focusing on User Centered Design Practices. What made me think I could build a home, start a new job, and do graduate level research at the same time beats me. Still, I am alive and well and finally settling in.

So where does that put work? No where, at the moment I no longer have a shop and have had most of my tools packed into storage since the apartments finished. I plan to break a few things out soon and rock out a few more DIY projects. I also have plans to travel in Europe for a few months after August, so again, things may go slow on new posts. Either way, if your reading this, thank you. Hopefully new content will show up sooner than later.






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