Downtime Update

There hasn’t been much happening in the shop as of late. Not working has stifled frivolous spending. I am almost out of SmoothCast and need to get more for casting. I have made a number of casts now working out various blemishes. Many of them can be fixed with bondo and sanded down, but I want to keep trying new methods and figure out a good thickness for the helmet itself as well . I do have some good casts to start working on visor and backplates, figuring how to best attach them, and start getting the housings for the electronics together.

I had made a cast of the front for vacuum forming the visor but the former works too well and broke it almost immediately. In hand it feels fairly strong, but under pressure, I guess not so much. So I am going to make another one and reinforce it with fiberglass. Something else I figured out was proper temperatures and times for the plastic. Seems like 350˚ is not enough. Had to bump it up to 400˚. I have a fair bit of PETG laying around so I can work on the visor.

Since funds are low and I will be spending frugally I can also get my hands on some wiring for practically free, I will start working on the backside of the helmet. Getting these smaller pieces finished up will help the thing start coming together and actually looking like a finished product. Im also going to test some rattle can chrome sprays. See how poor of quality it is, just to get an idea. I found some pretty decent quality spray on a tagging site that sells rattle cans.

My friend really liked her coffee table and has asked me to make another item for her. It’s a shoe rack and bench, very similar using the same concept of pallet materials. Apparently where she works they have some very good quality pallets. Guess paper companies can’t use old rickety crappy soiled pallets. Too good or something. Since these are easy to do, I will get this knocked out this week and post pics and process for it as well.

I have also decided to make a mini nuke from Fallout. For some strange reason I really want one 🙂 I had a great idea for another project but I can’t remember for the life of me since it was followed by excessive amounts of tequila and cheap mexican beer in honor of drinko de mayo. Hopefully it will come back to me, I do remember being stupid excited about the idea.

Well thats that for now. Hope to have more soon.


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