Tron Legacy Disc

Tron Legacy Disc

So, Im back in town and am ready to get back into the grind of things. While I was out, I got really bored and decided to fill my time with making at Tron Legacy light disc. Not sure if I am going to pursue it further and make an actual disk, but it would be fun to wear it with the helmet…so maybe I will.

There are a number of programs you can use to get this thing done. Its also a relatively simple design so its pretty easy to create. My preferences for surface modeling is Rhino V5.0b on Mac. the GUI is super easy to use, its intuitive, and its currently free being in beta mode. They haven’t updated it for Windows yet so its still Running V4.0 but runs basically the same. I also like to use Solidworks for solids modeling. Since the 2009 version came out they updated it to work fairly well with surfaces but they seem to all be advanced features. Either way both are industry standards.

Here are some screen shots from Rhino.

Like there are many choices for CAD and modeling programs there are equally available rendering applications. I am fairly familiar with three: Keyshot2, Hypershot, and 360 for SolidWorks. I have been putting a lot more effort into understanding what’s under the hood of Keyshot2 since their version for MAC runs well. Their GUI is very user friendly and there are tons of tutorials to help out with various styles and techniques. Their rendering engine also runs very quick.

I was hoping to get some renders posted with this push but I have been busy and sick since I have been back in town. I will post some renders when i get back on my feet and some finished up. If I keep waiting and I won’t get this posted for another week. 🙂


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