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Recently added to the page…

Vacuum Former 7000x – yes it’s a stupid name, I know that. I needed a vacuum former to shape the visor properly for the daft punk helmet. Within are step by step instructions on how to build one, and make duplicate plastic molds.

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman Replica Restoration – This project was one from the past that has been needing to be written and loaded for some time. This replica had a facelift and now sits in my living room. I recently sat in an original, and compared to my restoration, honestly, I think mine is more confortable. But hey, I may be slightly biased, but who’s counting.

Daft Punk helmet build part 2 – Soon to come. After a major set back, I have decided to just fork out the money and purchase some additional molding material and mother mold. I need to make it thicker and more structurally sound. I also want to do this so I can try out slush casting. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do it. When I get these new molds completed Posting will be uploaded.

Tablite – I another project to come soon will be my light table prototype. Hunting for materials has taken way and waiting on Boeing to respond with ‘scrap’ aluminum. Once this project is completed, keep an eye out for it on Kickstarter, I’m hoping to share this with the world. All in due time thought.

And lastly – I will be leaving town on and off for a bit, so production will also intermittently go on hiatus until after I return. Europe, then Japan followed by Vegas! this is going to be a busy first half of the year. See you next time.


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