Hello curious minds. I just noticed I had almost 50 comments that were going straight to the spam folder. As most of them were, in fact, spam, some of them weren’t and I apologize if I over looked anything you may have asked, or inquired in the past. Thank you for taking the time to read about my projects.

New project update

Hello readers of the interweb! I just wanted to share I have a few DIY projects currently in the mix at the moment and I plan to post them sometime in the next few weeks. I’d like to share I get a lot of interest and traffic checking out my DIY shoe rack bench. So I have been inspired to do more similar to it.

Things have been pretty crazy for me and I am finally slowing down. I have had much more time to work on personal interest projects instead of rebuilding the house. Thanks for checking me out and as always if you have any questions, comments or feedback please dont hesitate to share or ask. Happy 4th of July!

DIY Minion Goggles

DIY Despicable Me Minion Goggles


For Halloween this year my girlfriend and her friend decided to be Despicable Me minions. The costume for the most part is relatively easy to piece together from thrift shops and other various stores with the exception of goggle and overalls. Be ready to hunt for overalls, those are impossible to find, so give yourself some time. And as far as the goggles, I’m sure you can buy some cheap plastic ones online somewhere, but that just takes all the fun out of it. So naturally, I wanted to help out and make them. After mucking around on the interwebs for videos and how-to’s to see how people were going about creating theirs, I figured it would be pretty easy to make and would only take about a day. Check out the link here or the one above and tell me what you think. Thanks for reading.

1 year

1 YEAR – I can’t believe its been 1 year ‘_’.

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of my little blog venture. I really didn’t think it would turn into much, but I have to say thank you for everyone that has spent time on my site. At the moment there have been 3200 hits and counting. I would have never thought to have had much traffic, and am grateful to have been able to share with you all the projects I have been working on. I am absolutely flabbergasted to have had that many people visit my site and hope you exploring more projects.

I plan to continue to put up new work, finish existing projects and explore new mediums. There are a few more projects on deck that I know I can knock out without getting too carried away. I still have yet to finish my Getta, and start the main casting on 2 projects. The shop will probably be closing for a short time here soon, but until then I plan to continue to rock out as much as I can.

The helmet build will still be put on hold, unfortunately. It is making me sad I have not been able to continue further work on it. Much of my efforts for expanding my knowledge base is still focused on work and finding more work.

Again thank you for your support, and please share thoughts, comments or otherwise. I appreciate your insight and suggestions.



Jewelry Case

Jewelry Case

I was approached by a friend of mine recently asking if I could help out her out and make her a jewelry case for her rapidly growing collection of fashion accessories. I guess it doesn’t help that her boyfriend is a marketing director for a jewelry distribution site. Agh well. More work for me 🙂  I was happy to help her out and build her a case. She had in mind a wall mounted jewelry case; something rather large, yet compact. This is the process for the build. I hope you enjoy it.

Helmet Build Postponed

So for those who are interested in the status of the helmet build, I am postponing building. I may have to pack up shop, which will stop all projects until I find a new place to set up again and get things rolling. I am also at a standstill with no materials. Since I have other commissioned projects in the pipe, those will come first. I hate leaving it left undone. I am excited to get this finished and I will, but at this point I am unable to put the time and funds into the build. Thanks for being patient, I hope to get the next steps up as soon as I can.

New(ish) Workbench

New(ish) Workbench

I got tired of working on what I had been using for the last year. It was uneven, lumpy, holes drilled in it, and was just simply horrendous to look at. I wanted a newish clean surface to work on, to do something that most of the carpentry community would probably frown upon and to simply just build something when I couldn’t spend any money. Since I am currently riding the DIY train, why not build myself something. Check out the rebuild and let me know what you think!

DIY Woodwork Update

DIY Woodwork Update

So not necessarily very important of an update, but needed nonetheless to finish the page. I have finalized both blogs for the DIY Shoe Rack and the DIY Coffee Table with a final shot of the the build in my friends apartment and in use. I think they look great and have been well used up to this point. This excites me to make more of these.

Smells Like Dubstep Update

Smells Like Dubstep Update

I have updated the Smells Like Dubstep entry to include my experiences with using a photo emulsion product from Daizo. It is an unregistered, multicolored print attempt with a single screen. I feel like it came out fairly nice and think I will try to do more in the future. It was a major pain in the ass, but hella fun to do. T-shirt screen printing is really interesting and has a great rewarding product in the end. Take a look at my update.

Smells Like Dubstep

Smells Like Dubstep

Yeah, so there is this music that sounds something like a mix between an elephant farting into a tuba and a elementary school playground getting demolished by candy…its called dubstep and honestly it makes my ear holes happy. So what better thing to do than celebrate it by make a t-shirt.